DiG – Development & !nnovation Group

Website Development, Website Hosting, Domain Registration, Graphic Design, Online Marketing, Online Web-Presence Management, Social Media Consulting and Business Process Automation.
Wow that is a long list so to abbreviate just remember DiGwork.com for all your business internet requirements and because we care about you and your business.

About DiGwork

"Sure I build great brands and good looking web-presences for entrepreneurs. But you’ll get so much more than just a pretty website out of our time together. From day one, we’re on a journey of discovery to the centre of your business, and this is where my twenty five years of business and marketing experience come into play! While we’re exploring, you’ll start to see yourself and your business in a new light. Every step we take will bring you closer to realizing your potential—the raw truth of what you’re capable of. During this discovery process, my mission is to use my love of entrepreneurship and design to both guide and inspire you. I’ll be your coach, your marketing guru and your visionary. And at the end of our journey, I’ll send you on your way with a visual identity package that captures the essence of your business identity, an online presence that truly serves your business needs, your soul and your story. That’s my promise." MARK SIMON, chief !nnovator at DiG

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