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Video animated visuals

Animated Visuals

Why Animate

As people scan their social media feeds, they’re making lightning-fast decisions about what content they’ll pay attention to. In this context, animated visuals add a little bit of movement that can attract the eye and add value in a short, snappy way.

Short animations can be less intimidating to create than video. Animation is simply combining drawings, photographs, text, or computer graphics to make them move. You don’t need to talk in front of a camera.

Short animations can also be a way to develop your audience.  If you can make a strong first impression with a short animation, that animation can encourage viewers to watch longer videos and further engage with your content.

Popular Formats

A GIF is a silent animated loop often used to convey a feeling. GIFs have become hugely popular on social media. GIFs started appearing in blog posts and emails but have spread to messaging apps like Slack and Facebook Messenger.

Instagram and Snapchat stories enable you to blend and share quick successions of images or videos.

All of these types of content are easy to create because so many tools are available.

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